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Veterans Planning Plus

Elder Planning Plus™ and Veterans Planning Plus™ Attorneys specialize in helping Veterans and their spouses obtain the financial assistance to which they are entitled, whether it be through the Veterans Pension Benefit, Medicaid, or both. Elder Planning Plus™ and Veterans Planning Plus™ Attorneys can help a Veteran receive public benefits to help pay for the long-term care of the Veteran or the Veteran's surviving spouse, either now or in the future.

If you are a Veteran or spouse of a Veteran and you need assistance in your home, or are living in or considering moving into an Assisted Living Facility or Continuing Care Retirement Community, please contact a Veterans Planning Plus™ Attorney now in your state.

Properly filing a successful claim for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit is one of the most complex and time-consuming legal taks there is. To ensure it's done correctly, it's important to get qualified assistance, and Veterans Planning Plus™ Attorneys offer that assistance.

Furthermore, qualification for this benefit often involves protection and reallocation of assets, and sometimes adjustments of income, in order to qualify, and these reallocations and adjustments may have significant impact on Medicaid eligibility. Given that many veterans who need the Aid and Attendance Benefit will eventually wind up also needing Medicaid, this process should not be attempted without the help of a licensed Elder Planning Plus™ and Veterans Planning Plus™ Attorney.

Elder Planning Plus™ Attorneys Offer These Key Services

Incapacity Planning™: Protects loved ones from the time, inconvenience, complexities, and expenses of “living probate” (i.e., Guardianship and Conservatorship) in the event the person is unable to manage their own legal, financial, and medical affairs.

Revocable Living Trust Estate Planning: Incapacity Planning plus a Revocable Living Trust so that assets, after death, can be transferred to loved ones with simplicity and convenience, avoiding the time, complexities, and expenses that make up the “nightmare of probate.” Plus, optional complex options such as under-age beneficiaries, special needs beneficiaries, pet trusts, and more.

Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection: Protects assets from lawsuits, auto accidents, creditor attacks, medical expenses, and catastrophic expenses often incurred in connection with nursing home care. For purposes of Medicaid eligibility, this type of trust is the only type of self-settled asset protection n trust that allows a settlor to retain an interest in the trust while also protecting the assets from being counted by state Medicaid agencies.

Benefits-Focused Asset Protection™: Qualifies the client for Medicaid, protects assets, and enables the client to enhance their quality of life by purchasing goods and services not covered by Medicaid, including dentures, hearing aids, vision aids, and personal items; services such as enhanced medical care or private sitters to provide you an enhanced level of care. A secondary goal is sometimes to preserve an inheritance for heirs, particularly if there is a needy or disabled loved one or someone who needs special financial help.

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